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Founded over a century ago in Kemmerer, Wyoming by James Cash Penney and William Henry McManus, JC Penney stores were originally created to market dry goods, and the name of the company during that time was The Golden Rule. 1917 saw the name of the company change to JC Penney and as of present, this powerhouse retailer is still operating and booming. With a prolonged history in retail, this mid-range retailer offers clothing, home furnishings, shoes, and jewelry, among other fine items. Nowadays, they are headquartered Plano, Texas, and you will find 1067 stores operating throughout america and Puerto Rico.

JC Penney stores can be obtained mostly in malls, but you can continue to find some freestanding stores from time to time. Together with retail stores, the business has one of the largest apparel and merchandise sites on the Internet as well as the largest catalog general merchandise catalog of all major retailers. Their stores are certainly one of America’s top draws at malls plus they are always well stocked using the latest fashions in apparel, accessories and furnishings. Their Big Mac work clothes lines are well-liked by people who earn an income doing rugged jobs that require rugged clothes.

The business is highly dedicated to offering quality and value, however are also dedicated to inspiring employee and customer loyalty through a number of programs that make the shops a great location to work and shop. As being a company, JC Penney has won the esteemed Fortune Magazine’s Top Five ‘Most Admired’ General Merchandisers Award, and the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index Award.

As being a well-established and highly respected retailer, the company shows no warning signs of stopping any time soon. Offering items that are of high quality once and for all prices is among their strong suits. Effective associate training and awareness of diversity and the significance of treating each individual with respect earns them a higher position on earth of retailers. Visit JCPenney christmas hours today and see what they’ve got for you personally.

Such analysis can be made for a myriad of reasons. Many investors have did actually understand that certain components of the retail industry have outperformed other areas. While with the early 2000s, many discount retailers earned better fundamentals when it comes to revenue and earnings, from analyst understandings, it appears that the current market concentration of valued stocks has shifted from such discount stores of Wal-Mart and Costco to more departmental companies like J C Penney. Using this Plano, Texas located company to produce its quarterly results next Thursday (November 9, 2006), there exists a strong possibility, in the event the other stocks are any indication that shares of J C Penney will likely be favorable for the shareholder and sustain such optimism for about the next 6 months.

Referring back to the introduction, I stated the unemployment landmark for many reasons. As I originally considered that the economy was reducing in a more dramatic fashion than seems to be, such analysis would play a role in the assessment of a poor share price later on for retailers including J C Penney. However, as increasing numbers of folks are obtaining jobs, so when more wages continue to rise in conjunction with a terrible savings rate for domestic consumers, you will find a good possibility that the company like J C Penney may benefit immensely from such readings. As more consumers have more discretionary income to spend, instead of likely to discount uumhkm including Wal-Mart to purchase normal goods, these same consumers, especially through the holiday season, will often switch their purchases to more luxury goods seen in departmental stores. As that happens, basic principles for J C Penney should sky rocket as both the reality that Americans get more money and the fact that the time comes for holiday shopping, for the upcoming two quarters, at very least, J C Penney should support the necessary numbers to boost the share cost of this stock to a lot more record highs.

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